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Dates at a Glance 2019

2019 Monthly Activity Dates at a Glance 

Please see Calendar for additional information and other events not listed here

14th--Church Council Hosted Coffee Hour
19th and 26th--Homeless Mission Days
26th--Marksmen Breakfast
27th--Church Annual Meeting after service

2nd--Koinonia Potluck and Game Night 6 p.m. 
17th--Recognition and Installation of Council Members
16th and 23rd--Homeless Mission Days
23rd--Marksmen Breakfast
24th African American Heritage Sunday & Fellowship Hour with potluck after service

6th--Ash Wednesday evening service 7:00 p.m.
11th--Koinonia Group Hosted Coffee Hour
16th and 23rd Homeless Mission Days
16th--Father/Son Dinner 6:00 p.m. (Angelo's Restaurant in Burien)
24th--Men's Day service and fellowship after service

14th--Palm Sunday and Holy Week
18th--Holy Thursday evening service 7 p.m.
19th--Good Friday evening service 7 p.m.
21st--Easter Sunday Celebration
   Holy Communion Worship Service 8:30 a.m
   Family Breakfast in Social Hall 9:30 a.m.
   Easter Egg Hunt 10 a.m.
   Holy Communion Worship Service 11 a.m.
20th and 27th--Homeless Mission Days
27th--Marksmen Breakfast
28th--The 73rd Church Anniversary and Potluck Luncheon after service

12th--Mother's Day Marksmen Chili Feed after service
18th and 25th Homeless Mission Days
26th--Marksmen Breakfast

9th--Day of Pentecost and Ethnic Celebration
16th--Father's Day Service
22nd--Marksmen Breakfast 
15th and 22nd Homeless Mission Days
30th--Children and Youth Sunday

14th--Children's Choir Concert 3 p.m.
20th and 27th Homeless Mission Days
21st--Concert at Ballard Locks...bring picnic lunch. Koinonia Group event. 
27th--Marksmen Breakfast

11th--Church Picnic--due to rain forecast will be held at church. Please bring a side dish or desert, hamburgers and hot dogs provided
Address: 30614 2nd Ave S Federal Way, WA 98003
11th--Children & Youth Sunday
17th and 24th--Homeless Mission Days
24th--Marksmen Breakfast 
25th--Koinonia Picnic and volleyball at David Rock's home (after service) bring a side dish or desert, hamburgers and hot dogs provided
Address: 30614 2nd Ave S Federal Way, WA 98003

21st--Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter Dinner (Angelo's Restaurant in Burien)
14th and 21st--Homeless Mission Days
15th--Koinonia Woodland Park Zoo (after service)
25th--Annual Women's Day & Fellowship Hour after service

13th--Pastor Appreciation Day and Rally Sunday
19th and 26th--Homeless Mission Days
26th--Marksmen Breakfast 
26th--Koinonia Game night and potluck dinner 6 p.m.
27th--Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation & Fellowship Hour

10th--Veteran's Sunday and Marksmen Chili Feed after service 
16th and 23rd--Homeless Mission Days
24th--Annual Gospel Choir Concert 4 p.m.
28th--Thanksgiving Day service 10 a.m. 
23rd--Marksmen Breakfast

14th and 24th--Homeless Mission Days
21st--Marksmen Breakfast
22nd--Koinonia Group Christmas Caroling (after service)
24th--Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7 p.m.
25th--Christmas Day morning service 10 a.m.
29th--Meeting for all who have signed up to be ushers in 2020. Immediately after service

Meeting for all who have signed up to usher in 2020
Immediately fol